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JD Career Day

JD Career day is a project tailored to raising awareness amongst children in grades K-12. The ICE Foundation recognizes that children can only dream what they see and strives to show children the many different routes to success. Lawyers in different practice areas head out to schools to teach students about the different career paths under the JD degree umbrella. JD Career Day was first held in 2014 by the Tallahassee chapter of the ICE Foundation. Since then, ICE has hosted four events that have impacted 445 students in the Tallahassee area and 400 students in the Gulf area.

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JD Career Day



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Do I need anything for JD Career Day?

Other than Government Issued  identification, no. This is a simple project where you will be able to provide knowledge to elementary, middle and high school students. No preparation is needed.  

Do I need to RSVP?

Absolutely. Since the JD Career Day project deals with children, it is imperative that we have your information as early as possible so that the school can give you clearance to enter the property.

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