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Mock Trial Fundamentals Competition

The Mock Trial Fundamentals Competition is a spring event for high school students. It allows the ICE Foundation & professional volunteers to teach students oration, reading comprehension, critical thinking and other skills in the context of the legal system. The Mock Trial Fundamentals Competition was first held in 2017 by the Tallahassee chapter of the ICE Foundation. The event had 16 participants. 

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Mock Trial Fundamentals Competition


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Do I need to RSVP?

Absolutely. Since the Mock Trials Fundamentals Competition deals with children, it its imperative that we have your information as early as possible so we can give you clearance for the event. 

Frequently Asked 
Do I need anything for Mock Trials?

Other than Government Issued  identification, no. This is a simple project where you will be able to teach high school students about the trial process. No preparation is needed.