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An Ode to Women in My Life

In the Spirit of Women’s History Month, I am inspired by the women who have come before me, the women who walk alongside me, and the women who have yet to come.

I was raised by












For that, I am grateful. I am the product of my mother’s, aunties’, cousins’, friends’, grandmothers’, and infinitely great grandmothers’ prayers. These women have instilled in me and have modeled for me the multifaceted ways to value being a woman.

May I always remember that being a woman is special and powerful. Thanks Girl Scouts. May I one day reflect the confident elegance and intentionality of my grandmother sauntering into church each Sunday in her suit, hat, bag and shoe combo. May I be secure in my intelligence because I was blessed to witness my mother and grandmother graduate. May I not be afraid to be the only Black woman in a space because the Founders of Delta Sigma Theta stepped into the Women’s Suffrage March that they, as Black women, were never welcomed into. May I recognize that I have made a choice to change the world because Spelman ingrained that in me in every interaction. May I be comforted by my mother’s example of being a balanced professional, a family woman, and living life to the fullest.

Every day, I am amazed. These women are not always with me physically, but I’m reminded of their strength and encouragement daily. Thank you to the women who tell me about myself and get me together in order to promote my growth. What you women have birthed both literally and metaphorically nurtures us all. I don’t just see you, and I hope you don’t just see me. It’s bigger than that. I hope you see a crowd of women above me, behind me, in front of me, and around me cheering us on. These women are love. These women are magic. Happy Women’s History Month!

Oluremi (Remi) Abiodun

2L Juris Doctorate/Master’s in Social Work Candidate

Florida State University

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