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Just How Special!

Often women feel compelled to compare themselves to the men in the room, pondering if they measure up; feeling a sense of self-doubt and insecurity when a man is given an opportunity over us. These feelings of self-doubt are amplified when we also compare ourselves to the other women in the room. Remember that for every Thurgood Marshall there was a Constance Baker Motley and for every Coretta Scott King there is an equally amazing Betty Shabazz. So, as we wrap up Women’s History Month, I thought it important to provide a reminder of just how special and important we, as women, are. There is no one who can multi-task better than a woman. Think of the great women who came before us. They bore children, worked, and built up their communities without a single complaint. These special individuals were more than just women. They were fearless leaders, supportive friends, and lifelong mentors.

As a woman who is pursuing a career in a male dominated industry, I find it imperative to combat this ever-present self-doubt. This effort is easily achieved by surrounding myself with strong female figures in the industry. I am truly grateful for mentors who have taken time to pour into me. Remember that as we reach our goals, it is important to lift as we climb and help women along the way. 

Maria’h Givens

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