2020 Volunteer Appreciation-Week 2

In honor of Volunteer Month, the ICE Foundation would like to recognize our Volunteer Corps.


Mylika Morton, Esq., CPA. has been volunteering since 2018. She has lent a hand at numerous backpack & turkey drives in the Orlando area.

“My childhood was blessed by generous people and organizations that helped stand in the gap for me. It’s my honor to be able to partner with ICE to now do the same for this young generation.”


Darrick Sr. & Tikia McGhee have been volunteering since 2018 at backpack drives in the Tallahassee area.

“Both of them are stalwarts in our community and are worthy of individual praise but it is them as a union which is truly inspirational and transformational. Over the years, through their Church, the McGhees have changed the lives of thousands of Floridians without the desire for praise but most deserving of it.”

- GC Murray II, Esq., ICE Foundation President & Founder


Kiaira Nixon has been volunteering since 2018 at school supply and clothing drives in the Jacksonville area.

“The Innovative Community Engagement Foundation develops young leaders throughout the State of Florida who care about social and economic justice. We all joined for different reasons, in different cities, yet, we're all active in giving back to those desperately in need as a community.”


Kenneth Pratt has been volunteering since 2014 at mock trials, career days and donation drives in the Tallahassee area.

“Working with The ICE Foundation has greatly fulfilled me personally. Each project is carefully chosen to meet a pressing need of our community. Wherever the need, the ICE Foundation is there.”

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