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Backpack Bash: ICE Foundation Provides School Supplies and Backpacks to 1000 students

The ICE Foundation hosted its annual backpack bash in multiple cities throughout the country. This year's bashes we’re held in Miami, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Washington (DC), and Fort Washington (Maryland). The backpack bashes were huge successes as we donated school supplies and book bags for nearly 1000 students living in low-resource neighborhoods.

The events were great successes because of the many volunteers helping to fill backpacks with school supplies. The volunteers were able to interact with the students while they helped them get ready for the upcoming school year. Many of the volunteers have been participating in this event for years and love being able to give back to their community like this.

The kids were very excited to receive their new supplies and book bags, which will help them through the rest of their time in school. We are looking forward to seeing how these donations will impact these children’s lives, as well as those around them who may also benefit from this program!

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