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Share the Warmth

The Share the Warmth event is a service project through our ICE 4! Kids initiative. It allows us to directly supply students with warm weather clothing during the holiday season. Each gift contains a sweater, a pair of gloves, and a knitted cap. Share the Warmth has been held in Tallahassee four times since 2016. In total, the ICE Foundation has gifted 400 packages in Tallahassee alone. In Jacksonville, the Share the Warmth event has gifted 75 packages with just two events and 30 packages in DC with only one event.

Share the Warmth


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Frequently Asked
Do I need anything for Share the Warmth?

Other than Government Issued identification, no. This is a simple project where you will be able to help deliver gifts to children. No preparation is needed.

Do I need to RSVP? 

Absolutely. Since the Share the Warmth program deals with children, it is imperative that we have your information as early as possible for background purposes.