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Bridge the Gap

Bridge the Gap is a school supply drive hosted during the Spring. The goal of the event is to aid teachers and students who experience a lack of resources. The ICE Foundation has found that while donations and giveaways are abundant in the Fall, by the middle of the year many resources have been used up and donations are harder to come across. Bridge the Gap premiered in 2017, and has impacted 60 students and teachers in South Florida, 50 students and teachers in the Gulf area, and 120 students and teachers in Jacksonville.

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Bridge the Gap



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Do I need anything for Bridge the Gap?

Other than Government Issued identification, no. This is a simple project where you will be able t hand out supplies to students and teachers in need. No preparation is needed. 

Do I need to RSVP? 

Absolutely. Since Bridge the Gap deals with children, it its imperative that we have your information as early as possible so the school can give you clearance to enter the property. 

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