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Halloween at Preschool
Treat or Treat

This is the first project that the ICE Foundation ever did as an organization. This is a simple project which allows for the Foundation to get into the school system, meet with students, teach them about our profession, and provide them with a little holiday cheer as well. Most of the students we visit do not live in safe enough neighborhoods where night time activities can be safely encouraged so we try to combine candy with books with mentorship. The Treat or Treat event was first hosted by the Tallahassee chapter of the ICE Foundation in 2014. Over the course of five events, ICE has impacted 285 students that attended in the Tallahassee area.

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Treat or Treat 


Location: TBA

Do I need anything for Treat or Treat? 

Other than Government Issued identification, no. This is a simple project where you will be able to hand out candy and books to children. No preparation is needed. 

Do I need to RSVP? 

Absolutely. Since the Treat or Treat program deals with children, it is imperative that we have your information as early as possible so that the school can give you clearance to enter the property. 

Frequently Asked
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